An initial evaluation of the working memory impacts of a cognitive training program for children with learning disabilities

Learning disabilities (LD) are a significant area of identified disability for children in North America and worldwide. We currently understand cognitive processing weaknesses to contribute to the developmental difficulties that children with LD face in learning and beyond. One of these areas of cognitive weakness, working memory, is an important target for intervention because it not only impacts learning but other important aspects of life. This project examines the working memory effects of a cognitive training program for children with LD, the Eaton Arrowsmith school. We will use behavioral and neuroimaging techniques to examine working memory changes in treatment and control groups. This project will provide the Eaton Arrowsmith school with valuable knowledge about the effects of their program and will help researchers in this field better understand how we should continue to intervene with children with LD to encourage their academic and lifelong success.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rachel Weber


Meagan Murphy


Arrowsmith Program Inc






University of British Columbia



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