An Innovative Perceptify Vision based Body Motion and Gesture Recognition System for Interactive Games

This project aims to develop a novel approach for sensor based Body Motion and Gesture Recognition (BMGR) for interactive computer and video games. Conventionally, the user interface between player and game is via physical control devices, such as buttons and joysticks. To make game more attractive, vendors want to equip their products with natural interface technology, i.e. sensor based intelligent interface to capture and recognize body motion and gestures automatically as the game's control input. Such technology can significantly enrich gamers' experience via more direct, active and natural engagement with the game. This 8©month MITACS research internship will have two industrial partners and be developed in two connected phases. In Phase I, from Sep ¨C Dec 2009, the partner will be Deep Vision Inc (Dartmouth, NS) for developing a set of general BMGR tools based on advanced perceptual vision technology. In Phase II, from Jan ¨C Apr 2010, the partner will be Spielo (Moncton, NB) for developing a special BMGR system for Spielo games by extending/customizing the result of Phase I. The task in each phase will be developed collaboratively. It is anticipated that both partners would benefit from this project for new products and services opportunities. The student will be gained valuable R&D experience in a highly demanded area.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Qigang Gao


Gang Hu




Computer science


Digital media


Dalhousie University



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