An Integrated Co-Simulation-Data Analytics Platform for Smart Grid Modeling and Cybersecurity Analysis

The smart grid represents a marriage between power systems and information technology to provide increased and reliable access to power. The greater dependence on information systems however makes it more vulnerable to cyberattack. Modeling these systems accurately is a significant challenge due to their complexity and connected nature. In this work, we focus on the open research problem of developing a modeling platform that combines co-simulation, real equipment and data analytics. We demonstrate how for cybersecurity applications the platform provides an advanced tool for simulating cyberattacks, investigating their impact on the power grid, developing attack detection and mitigation and validating the performance of mitigation response. The co-simulator models developed will enable Hydro-Québec to investigate cybersecurity issues of timely interest as well as performance enhancement in general for power grid automation processes and information infrastructure with the goal of application to real systems.

Faculty Supervisor:


Amir Abiri Jahromi


Institut de recherche d’Hydro‐Québec


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Toronto



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