An Integrated framework for connecting innovation providers and innovation seekers: from database construction and population to knowledge discovery

The energy and extractives industries in Canada and abroad (e.g.) are facing challenges that impact negatively on a number of areas including efficiencies and environmental footprint. The objective of this project is to provide Rainmaker Global Business Development with the machine learning and probabilistic research needed to develop a Canadian Clean Technology online marketplace by providing an intern for the project. The intern will become proficient in the development of a sophisticated system for knowledge acquisition, processing and transmittal through the development of the intelligent CleanTech database and its attendant functionality based on machine learning algorithms. Expertise from the database and data mining group at the University of Calgary will enable the company to achieve the above objectives through the internship by developing an integrated framework that combines various state of the art techniques from data management and mining, machine learning and network modeling and analysis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jon Rokne


Btissam Rachdi


Rainmaker GBD


Computer science


Finance, insurance and business


University of Calgary



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