An Interdisciplinary Approach to Investigating Innovative Online and Blended Pedagogical Practices – Duplicated

This proposal outlines an interdisciplinary, multi-method program of research to develop evidence-based frameworks for implementation and evaluation of innovative instructional practices offered by KnowledgeOne, an international online learning provider for post-secondary institutions, and its elearning partner, Concordia University. The objectives of this research are fourfold to 1) create a clearinghouse of evidence-based research on the scholarship of teaching and learning in online and blended learning environments; 2) create empirically-validated models describing stakeholders’ cognitive and learning outcomes to the use of innovative pedagogical initiatives; 3) develop, evaluate, and benchmark support processes and practices which lead to efficient adoption of those initiatives and 4) engage in knowledge dissemination and transfer via academic and pedagogical platforms. This project benefits KnowledgeOne by developing enhanced curricula and rigorously tested procedures for evaluating their services. It provides the company with evidence-based tools for technology-enhanced instruction and yields rich insights into pedagogy when employing innovative instructional technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vivek Venkatesh


Jihan Rabah






Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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