An Intersectional Analysis of the Impacts of Precarious Public Sector Employment on Women

This research project will examine how precarious work conditions (e.g., casual, temporary, contract-based, and normally poorly paid work) impact women workers, particularly those who are historically marginalized, including racialized women, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, and GLBTTQ women. It will also examine the impacts of precarious employment on women as users of public programs and services. This research is important for the Canadian Labour Congress because it will help them better understand the wide range of experiences that workers in Canada face. It will also provide them with clear language summaries and explanations of the research findings that can subsequently be used in efforts to educate people about the impacts of precarious employment on our economy and our society more broadly.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leah Levac


Fiona Meyer Cook


Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women


Political science


Service industry


University of Guelph



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