An Investigation of Service Mesh(es) and Security Models Within and Across Multiple Distributed Systems

Global service providers in highly regulated financial sectors must accommodate an ever-changing, sometimes competing, landscape of regulatory concerns. This project seeks to determine a reasonable path forward in technology design and adoption to accommodate current and anticipated infrastructure changes. Moreover, bridging the service layer across multiple, distinct distributed systems of varying complexity will pose new challenges while performance and observability of these systems become critical consideration. Parallel architectural patterns require multiple service integration points and the ability to negotiate the movement of data securely. The objective is to review the industry landscape of service meshes and/or cryptographic patterns for suitable accommodation of multiple system architectures. Specific targets for latency (with defined upper bounds) and parity performance for read and write rates must be met. Adjustments based on the assumption of network behaviour are expected to be addressed, including failure conditions and stale data concerns, where applicable.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashvin Goel


Yao Tu


Ethoca Technologies


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


University of Toronto



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