An investigation on software quality measurement

Software failure may result in substantial damage, especially to human life and financial loss. High-quality software is recognized as a product that has been specified correctly, and that meets its expected specifications. It is important that the quality characteristics be specified, measured and evaluated. In this internship, the primary objective is to create the software quality deviation artifact through comparing the user expected quality against the final observed quality of a software product. For this purpose, the quality measurement process is focused. The rules and quality characteristics presented in ISO/IEC 250nn series of standard are applied to define a range of quality-related questions, which were reviewed iteratively by industrial experts and academic professionals. The final questions formed four working questionnaires; two for expected quality profile and two for the observed quality profile, each consists of end users’ and power users’ questionnaires. A software product – in development phase – was selected as a case study for expected quality and the future users of the software were asked to fill out the related questionnaire. In the current internship, it is planned to perform another survey for assessing quality-related achievement in an established and deployed software application. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Robillard


Reza Mirsalari


Technology Evaluation Centers Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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