An IoT Platform for Disaster Response

This project aims to develop a novel information-technology platform to improve the effectiveness of emergency response in disaster areas, ultimately saving lives. In case of any emergency response, the local communication infrastructure cannot be generally relied upon: therefore, we propose a distributed, self-organizing information system based on off-the-shelf mobile devices, supported by self-organizing, self-deploying UAVs. A typical application scenario for the proposed platform can be the establishment of a temporary field hospital in a disaster area: tablets and smartphones of first responders collaborate to establish an ad-hoc network used to exchange messages, or run other collaborative user applications. Some UAVs place themselves in strategic points to build long range communication channels with other distant areas, while others may be involved in other tasks such as search and rescue operations or patrolling. Finally, a secondary ad-hoc network may be established to connect multiple sensors, e.g., bracelets that monitor patient conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Giovanni Beltrame


Vivek Shankar Varadharajan


Humanitas Solutions


Computer science


Aerospace and defense




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