An Optimized Tele-Rheumatology Platform for Clinical Settings

Current rheumatology wait-times have been noted as reaching as high as two years for an initial assessment in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) [1]. Significant wait-times can delay diagnosis and treatment for a variety of rheumatologic conditions and highlights some of the challenges associated with a publicly funded healthcare system. Furthermore, the higher prevalence of arthritis/rheumatism in rural areas frequently necessitates patients to travel significant distances at great personal and system expense [1]. An asynchronous telemedicine platform custom-designed to enhance the rheumatologic examination has the potential to enable rural family doctors to better capture features of the clinical examination and convey this information to the treating rheumatologist. Research efforts will focus on implementation of an intuitive remote data collection technology designed to minimize healthcare resources during data capture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Czarnuch


Zizui Chen


77711 Newfoundland and Labrador Corp


Computer science


Medical devices




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