Analysing the Information Seeking, Use and Sharing Practices of Newcomers to Canada

The proposed study explores the information practices of new immigrants in large, urban cities in Canada with respect to their choices regarding mobile phone services. The research goals are to (1) assess how mobile phones fit within the information practices of newcomers (2) understand when and where newcomers get information about mobile phone services in Canada, and(3) identify patterns of use and perceptions of service about mobile technologies among newcomers. The study of newcomers to Canada is a shared interest for both industry and academics who both seek to gain insight into the experiences of newcomers as they transition their lives and often the lives of their families to a new environment. Globalive Wireless is a keen partner in the proposed research. The cleansed data from the study will be used in campaign management, to develop services and products that meet the needs of newcomers in the locations studied, and to inform the strategic direction for future service rollout.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Nadia Caidi


Rhonda N. McEwen


Globalive Wireless


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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