Analysis and Matching of Donors and Charities Using Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques

Dexterity Consulting is a company that aims to maximize the impact of donors’ donations to charities. Dexterity Consulting offers a service to match donors to charities, based on the alignment of the donors’ preferences and the charities goals. This matching process is currently being done manually by an expert in the field, working at Dexterity Consulting. The proposed research aims to develop an automated system to replace the current matching process. In addition, the research aims to validate the current process used by the expert, by using various data mining approaches and comparing their results to the results from established algorithms. In the end, we will produce and recommend a set of data mining techniques for more advance and in depth analysis of the donor and charity characteristics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Reda Alhajj & Jon G. Rokne


Alan Chen


Dexterity Consulting


Computer science


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Calgary



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