Analysis and Optimization for Industrial Safety and Efficiency

Irwin’s Industrial Safety is a leading provider of safety consulting, safety training, and safety operations management. Over the last 4 years, Irwin’s Safety has compiled data on project safety and efficiency over a wide scope of projects. Moving forward, Irwin’s Safety seeks research into how this data can best be analyzed, visualized, and used to optimize future projects. Before data can be analyzed, data scripting will be applied to transform the data into a suitable format. Data analysis will include a variety of standard techniques, and develop custom methods appropriate for this data set. Data visualization will be used to help communicate the statistical findings to non-research orientated consumers. Finally, an optimal resource allocation model will be developed and analyzed. An algorithm will be designed to provide rapid solutions to the optimal resource allocation model, so future projects can be optimized.

Faculty Supervisor:

Warren Hare


Hamid Afshari


Irwin's Safety and Industrial Labour Services Ltd


Computer science


Construction and infrastructure




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