Analysis of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Text Conversations collected during a pandemic and the adaptation of TxtSquad’s Technology Platform for Community-based organizations and small businesses

Txt Squad’s mission is to help medium-to-large companies sell and service their products through text messaging which results in saved time, improved customer experience and increased sales. A company can manage their customer service communications with TxtSquad using a team-based approach with rich cell phone text functionality that connects them directly to customers, bypassing emails and telephone calls. In the Covid-19 pandemic, community-based outreach organizations need a way to effectively deliver outreach services with marginalized and vulnerable members of the community and small local retail businesses are looking to pivot their businesses to adapt to the new economy. This project focusses on investigating methods and the creation and implementation of a framework to adapt TxtSquad’s Technology Platform for Community-based organization outreach and small businesses.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pranjal Patra


Michael Corcoran






Professional, scientific and technical services


College of the North Atlantic



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