Analysis of Narrative Driven Social Media Content Use Within Successful Social Media Campaigns Across Multiple Social Platforms To Develop a Campaign Strategy.

The proposed research will take a look at how Non-profit organizations can use storytelling to affect the outcome of their social media campaigns. The intern will be taking a look at narrative driven social content, which is social media content whether videos, audio, infographics, images, etc., that are created to tell a story and its use in social media campaigns and analyze how these types of story driven content affects the success of the campaigns. This research will allow the partner organization to be able to deploy social media campaigns more strategically to increase the donation to be able to finance their social programs. The partner current operating revenue from donation is 35,370 and hope to increase this by 20% after implementing the recommendations from this research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anatoliy Gruzd


Nelson Corion


Fernie Youth Services







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