Anticorrosion and conductive smart thin-film coating built by additive manufacturing

Corrosion is a phenomenon that can be only mitigated, not stop. Usually, paint is applied to the surface that needs to be protected from the environment. Sooner or later, it peals off or wear, leaving the surface unprotected. Besides protection from corrosion, the paint or coating rarely has other properties like being electrically conductive.
Another emerging industrial sector could greatly help to create complex coating. This sector is known as 3D printing or “Additive Manufacturing” (AM) and it is currently used for fast prototyping. Recently, these printers were modified to print metal, concrete, food and even organic fabrics. That technology could coat any existing surface. It could also include several materials to add more properties. The present research project for these Mitacs interships will aim to improve actual AM technology for the specific application of manufacturing thin-film anticorrosion and conductive coating. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Sylvain Cloutier


Francois-Xavier Fortier


Nanogrande Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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