Antiviral Treatments for the Development of Enhanced PPE, HVAC Filtration Technologies, and Prevention of Pathogen Transfer on High-Touch Surfaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the need for the development and commercialization of enhanced personal protective products, air filtration systems, and high-touch surface coatings which supplant residual disinfection and render viruses inert. The pandemic has also highlighted the need for local supply-chain establishment, including antiviral coating manufacturing and materials sourcing in Canada. This proposal is a partnership with Elizion Tech to develop novel antiviral coatings that can be applied on a wide array of porous and non-porous surfaces and integrated into paints and films to provide residual disinfection properties in myriad commercial applications. This research and product development introduces technology into the landscape that will allow Canada to better protect its citizenry as well as exporting the technology to other jurisdictions. Said technology, in addition to other preventive measures in effect already will help reduce infection rates for both COVID-19 and other transmissible virologic or microbial infections.

Faculty Supervisor:

Norman Zhou;Stephanie DeWitte-Orr


Monika Snowdon;Ningyue Mao;Robert Liang;Pablo Enrique;Kristof Jenik


Elizion Tech



Professional, scientific and technical services




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