Application and investigation of new material in tandem solar cells with enhancing IR spectral absorption

Solar cells which convert solar energy directly into electricity are among one of the most viable solutions to the world’s foreseeable energy crisis and global environmental issues. One key strategy to improve the efficiency of solar cells is to enhance the overlap between their absorption spectra and the solar spectrum. When two or more subcells with distinct and complementary absorption spectra are stacked, the tandem solar cells are created and a broader range of the solar spectrum can be absorbed and more solar energy can be harvested. However, the utilising of IR solar photons with the wavelength from 800 to 1200 nm is poor for the third generation solar cells, which has the potentials of high power conversion efficiency and low cost. This project focuses on investigating the efficient harvest of IR solar photons in a tandem structure. We tend to achieve highly efficient tandem solar cells by efficiently utilising IR solar photons.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ricardo Izquierdo


Yuliang Zhang


1-Material Inc


Computer science






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