Application for bacteriophage encapsulation in biodegradable polymers for the prevention of prosthetic joint and suture infections

The aim of this project is therefore to develop polymer-based formulations of bacteriophages to combat microbial infections. Bacteriophages are a class of viruses specific to bacteria that are not subject to antibiotic resistance and are the most prevalent organisms of the human virome, and therefore safe.2 We will use different polymer compositions and blends to create novel bacteriophage formulations that are designed for use in medical applications, particularly in the use of surgical materials such as orthopedic implants and sutures. The polymers used for these formulations will be selected have stimuli-responsive properties; thermal responsiveness properties, in particular, are of interest for biomedical applications due to predictable changes in temperature upon contact with the patient’s body. The use of phages, does however present some challenges, mostly due to the stability of the phages that is lesser than traditional antimicrobial small molecules. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

L'Hocine Yahia


Eric Habib




Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences




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