Application Framework for Palliative Care Process Management

Performance management collects data to quantify and measure outcomes obtained by organizational processes in order to determine how well they achieve organizational goals. A significant challenge in implementing information systems support for process management of care processes is to understand the relationship between care processes and their performance measures. This research will develop an application model for care process management to capture that relationship and deploy a palliative care information system (PAL-IS) to collect data for performance measures into an OLAP database optimized for reporting. This research project is intended to define a systematic approach to palliative care process management in terms of goals, performance measures, care process states, and data entry forms. It will also demonstrate how to provide integrated information systems support for palliative care process management relevant to all roles within their organization.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Liam Peyton


Aladdin Baarah


Elizabeth Bruyère Research Institute


Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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