Application of a novel cryptographic filesystem to high-security domains

Aerial full-motion video, marine systems and space-based earth observation share key characteristics: they involve critical infrastructure, they rely on sensitive information and they require strong data provenance. We have applied cryptographic techniques — derived from both historic security protocols and newer blockchain systems — to create a novel research cryptographic filesystem in a previous Mitacs project, and now we will apply that filesystem to these three problem domains. This will require the development of new research ideas and new software based on cutting-edge tools and techniques, and it will enable us to secure critical data for the safeguarding of Canada and its interests. It will also position for future commercialization, generating significant economic activity in the high-tech, aerospace and marine systems sectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Anderson


Arastoo Bozorgi;Samir Dharar




Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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