Application of advance signal and image processing to develop objective diagnostic and monitoring technologies as well as predicting the response to treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

An ongoing study in Winnipeg is investigating the possibility of using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to help treat the cognitive and memory declines in Alzheimer’s disease. The objective of this project is to analyze in detail the current results of this study. We will look for connections between MRI scans of the participants and their response to the treatment. We will also look at anxiety and resting motor threshold (a measure of how sensitive they are to our treatment device), to see how they change the effectiveness of treatment. We will also look in detail at all of the additional measurements we performed as part of the study to see if any unexpected results can be found. Finally, we will look for changes in brain activity as measured using electrical signals from the balance organs in the ear.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zahra Kazem-Moussavi


Grant Rutherford


Riverview Health Centre Foundation


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences




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