Application of Model Predictive Control to HVAC Systems in Smart Buildings

This project aims at applying the technique of Model Predictive Control (MPC) to control the thermostatic loads in HVAC systems in the context of smart buildings. The main objective of this project is to verify the capability of MPC-base control schemes developed in academic research projects with a real system operated by Fusion in terms of energy efficiency improvement and operational cost reduction. In the first phase, the model of a candidate building will be established and validated for the controller design. Then, the MPC controller will be implemented in centralized and decentralized manner at Fusion Energy’s systems for experimental validation. This project will allow further enhancing the collaboration between the academic research team and the industrial partner in the development of a full set of solutions for demand-side energy management in the context of the Smart Grid.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guchuan Zhu


Saad Abobakr



Engineering - computer / electrical






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