Application of Real-time Axis-based SLAM in Geotechnical Engineering

Mining operations evaluate tunnel stability by looking at orientations of exposed rock faces and extrapolating the underlying rock formation. The most widespread and traditional method for determining these characteristics involve hand measurements with static tools. This process is both time intensive and prone to error. Additionally, it may be dangerous to measure rock faces that are hard to reach. The goal of this project is to implement a novel algorithm that can quickly and automatically determine sets of parallel rock faces and their orientations. This research will help successfully develop the RockMass Mapper which will be the company’s flagship product and is scheduled to launch in early 2020. The mining economy contributes to nearly 20% of Canada’s GDP and RockMass’s solution will improve the overall impact the mining industry will have on Canada’s economy while also improving the working conditions of those involved.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alec Jacobson


John Xu


RockMass Technologies Inc.


Computer science





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