Applications of ML/AI in Asset Management – part 2

ML/AI is widely used and deployed in many industries. Its deployment in Asset Management industry (and
especially in Canadian pension fund sector) is significantly behind. Part of it is the fear of “black box” and what recommendation it gives. This sentiment is outdated as the recent advancements in ML/AI allow looking inside the “black box and thus focus on “white box” asset allocation recommendations.
Another reason is that asset management these days is the intersection of three disciplines: Financial
Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science. The University system does not provide appropriate training program across these three pillars.
FIRM Labs fills these gaps, and brings together researchers from all three disciplines to work on one common problem – adapt the latest advancements in ML/AI for the better asset management practices.
Doing this, we invest in the future of not only our Pension Funds system, but also the whole financial system in Montreal, and Quebec overall. ML/AI have shown around the glob to outperform traditional asset
management practices. We help Quebec finance sector to adopt these practices by controlling the risks of misusing or incorrectly applying ML/AI to solve everyday problems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ruslan Goyenko


WenJing Cai


Forum d'investissement alternatif de Montréal




Finance, insurance and business


McGill University


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