Applying Low-Field, Bench-Top NMR Technology for the Rapid, On-Site Analysis of Critical Metrics in Wine Grapes and Wine

Vineyards, as with many other agriculture-based industries, often deal with time-sensitive decisions regarding how to manage their grapes to ensure the production of high-quality crops. Similarly, wineries need information quickly during fermentation to help guide winemaker interventions. Existing methods of obtaining the information needed by grape growers and winemakers is often time-intensive to collect. This research project seeks to apply new analytical technology to develop methods that can be used in the field so that critical information can be relayed to grape growers and winemakers quickly. Supra Research and Development hopes to build a stronger connection with the wine industry in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia, to not only grow our business, but also to provide the wine industry with the analytical tools they need to compete in the global marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wesley Zandberg


James Favell


Supra Research and Development








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