Applying Multi-surface Environments to Medical Imaging Techniques

In medicine, imagining-based exams are used to support diagnostics, treatment planning and/or the treatment itself. Considering the number, integration and nature of devices in a multi-surface environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets, multi-touch surfaces and wall displays), this project proposes a system for imaging visualization and manipulation that takes advantages from each device’s capabilities in the environment. The goal is to integrate the framework MSEAPI developed at the University of Calgary – responsible for the creation of multi-surface environments and applications, as well as interactions between users and devices – with ResolutionMD from Calgary Scientific Inc. – an imaging visualization tool for medical diagnosis. This integration aims to show (i) how the future of medical imaging manipulation and visualization tools is envisioned and (ii) present a case for Calgary Scientific to utilize their tools in a novel environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Frank Maurer


Francisco Marinho Moreira Rodrigues & Alemayehu Seyed


Calgary Centre


Computer science


Life sciences


University of Calgary



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