Architecture and National Identity: The Centennial Projects 50 years on

The intern will participate in a variety of activities related to research and analysis related to building programs carried out by various levels of government in connection with Canada’s Centennial of Confederation in 1967. The research will include literature review, archival research, project documentation and analysis, and collection and interpretation of project data, and will contribute to the preparation of grant proposals to major funding agencies. The intern will participate in the collection, organization and storage of material, along with preliminary analysis of the material for discussion with the investigators. Analysis will involve qualitative evaluation of the subject projects, and the intern will be instructed in the development of a clear, consistent and rigorous assessment methodology. This experience will provide opportunities for the development and enhancement of practical and logistical expertise, and the content component of the work will expose the intern to a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between cultural policy and architecture during the period of study.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Marco Polo


Mitchell May



Architecture and design


Media and communications


Ryerson University



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