As-built 4D Feedback Control For Fabrication and Assembly

This proposal aims to develop a new fabrication model where the geometric compliance of components is not only controlled by the original design information but also accounts for the deviations (within tolerance) of the previously built components and calculated deviation on the component being built. The developed model allows for in-progress checking of fabricated components and tracking the termination points with respect to a periodically updated termination point on the design or target location. The development of such a model can allow construction and fabrication shops to assure that there will not be any fit-up issues onsite (which is very costly). Broader impact as input to improved feedback control systems for robotic or human-robotic fabrication will be achieved as well.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Walbridge


Mohammad Mahdi Sharif


Glove Systems Inc


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Waterloo



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