Assessing Economic, Policy, and Institutional Barriers to Successful Forest Restoration in the Interior Douglas-fir Zone

This research project will explore what barriers — economics, policy, or otherwise — exist to restoring unhealthy Douglas-fir forests in central British Columbia. These forests have reached a state where it is currently not feasible for timber companies to make any profit from harvesting timber in those stands, which only serves to worsen the problem. In order to find a solution, not only do the barriers need to be identified, but also the risks of both action and non-action. To do this, this project will ask questions to both members of the industry, as well as members of the provincial government. A new approach is needed, but until the root causes of the problem are known, a proper strategy for fixing it cannot be properly implemented. Identifying these issues will give the partner organization the knowledge needed to restore a healthy supply of fibre in the area.

Faculty Supervisor:

Harry Nelson


Judah Melton


West Fraser Timber






University of British Columbia



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