Assessing Performance Contract Models for BC Hydro Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs


In 2010, British Columbia passed the 2010 Clean Energy Act setting forth the expectation that BC Hydro meet at least 66% of new electricity demand with energy efficiency and conservation (demand-side management or DSM) by 2020. Given the significant increase in DSM initiatives expected of BC Hydro and the proportionate level of risk associated with achieving high levels of DSM, an analysis of DSM risk management strategies used by other jurisdictions may be beneficial to BC Hydro as it considers future program design options. Accordingly, this study will assess and compare the energy savings, costs, cost-effectiveness and participation rates of BC Hydro Power Smart Industrial energy efficiency incentive programs and Industrial energy efficiency performance contract programs used to manage deliverability risk by electric utilities in other North American jurisdictions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Karena Shaw


Nathaniel Gosman


Willis Energy Services Ltd.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Victoria



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