Assessing the Utility of a Commercial Mobile EEG in Detecting Age-Related Differences in the Brain – Year two

The world is aging rapidly and healthy cognitive aging a major healthcare priority. Thus, a better understanding of how the brain changes with normal aging versus pathology is required. Advancements in wearable technologies may allow the assessment of brain function with greater ease, accessibility, and at a lower cost, as compared with traditional neuroimaging techniques. Currently, commercially available portable electroencephalogram (EEG) device offers the potential to evaluate brain function. However, this needs to be tested and validated. Therefore, this research will use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as a reference to determine whether portable EEG can offer comparable reliability and sensitivity in assessing brain function. Synaptitude Brain Health, the partner organization, aims to promote overall brain wellness through non-pharmaceutical approaches. Through this project, Synaptitude Brain Health will gain the ability the make an evidence-based decision regarding using the portable EEG as an alternative to the more expensive fMRI.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christine Tipper


Chun Liang Hsu


Synaptitude Brain Health




Medical devices




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