Assessing trust of artificial intelligence technology in the context of workplace relations

The goal of the project is to gain insight into individuals’ reactions to an artificial intelligence (AI) product currently in development at Kiite. The product is designed to fulfill some of the role responsibilities typically occupied by a manager. Trust is an important factor in both leader-employee relationships and in user experiences with AI-based systems. Thus, the partnership with Kiite offers a novel research opportunity to contribute to an emerging area of research on when and why humans are liable to (dis)trust AI technology in the workplace. We will conduct one-on-one interviews with participants from several organizations where Kiite is testing their AI product. The main outcomes will be communicating the findings in the form of a paper for an academic journal, a knowledge-translation piece for a trade-level publication, and an executive report prepared for Kiite, which will include actionable recommendations for improving their product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alex Benson


Julia McMenamin


Kiite Inc




Information and communications technologies




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