Assessment of the feasibility of manufacturing and marketing carvacrol-incorporated natural health products

Antibiotic therapy has been the primary approach for strep throat. Although various antibiotics, including penicillin, are effective, bacteriologic, and clinical treatment failures have been reported. Patients are more concerned about soothing the pain during the infection, and green/natural drug therapy with less or no adverse side effects are becoming popular. From preliminary studies and literature, carvacrol has been identified as a potential candidate for antibiotic therapy alternatives. Carvacrol, a bioactive found in several herbal plant extracts, show quick anti-bacterial activity against strep throat causing bacteria. However, it is still a need to understand the feasibility of using carvacrol in safer doses, stability under the manufacturing conditions and potential customer acceptability of carvacrol incorporated throat lozenge. The objectives of the project are to assess carvacrol’s feasibility incorporated dehydrated honey lozenge in manufacturing and marketing. Anti-bacterial activity of incorporated carvacrol in pre- and post-manufacturing will be investigated. Safety concerns, maximum incorporated doses and sensory factors will be assessed by literature search and consumer survey. These findings will help to explore the application of carvacrol as an effective and safe natural health product (dehydrated honey lozenge) in soothing painful inflammation in patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vasantha Rupasinghe


Niluni Wijesundara


Springboard Atlantic




Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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