Asset Management Research & User Experience Prototyping

Asset management systems are becoming essential tools that help municipalities in infrastructure planning and management decisions. Additionally, building effective user experience solutions is an important factor in the success of any solution. The project objectives will be to investigate methods for building personalized user experiences and interfaces for the core of the company’s platform for different end user’s roles. The project’s main approach is to research methodologies for user experience prototyping taking into consideration the different user’s roles. The goal is to deliver an improved version of the company’s platform with new user experience prototypes. This research experience will enrich my knowledge in the field of user experience. I will research, apply different methods in a real world scenario and have the chance to get real user’s feedback. Finally, an improved version of the company’s platform will be produced in a conducive way to the company’s end user’s needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eyal de Lara


Alaa Eid Abdulaal


Riva Modeling Systems


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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