Athlete and Coach Perceptions of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Currently, the staff of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is uncertain of how Canadian athletes, coaches, and members of the Canadian sport community perceives their efforts and programs. This research will identify if the current policies and procedures for anti-doping rule violations reflect the CCES in a positive (advocate for athletes and Canadian sport) or negative (enforcer of rules) role. This proposed research looks to examine how stakeholders view the role of CCES and whether or not their perceptions of the CCES are positive or negative. Using qualitative research methods, including interviews and focus groups, this research will analyze how some of the CCES’s key stakeholders (athletes, sports administrators and coaches) perceive its efforts. The results will be used to inform the CCES staff how the organization is perceived by stakeholders in the Canadian sport system in order to reconcile its mission, values, and mandate with the perceptions of some of its key stakeholders. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sarah Teetzel


Olivia Durst


Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport




Sports and recreation


University of Manitoba



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