Augmented Reality in Surgery

Augmented Reality (AR) is the combination of virtual images with real objects in order to improve perception. It is a rapidly growing field and has many applications in medicine. For this research project we would like to apply AR to the surgical site during a simulated operation in order to provide additional information and improve surgical performance. This will involve making 3D models from CT scan data, setting up a projection system to display those models into the surgical site and tracking the movement of the organs being operated on to maintain an accurate projection. Surgeons will be recruited to perform a surgical task with and without the AR system in order to measure their performance and receive feedback on their experience with the AR system. This information will aid in the development of new medical technology that assists with surgery as well as exploring how AR affects users whose tasks require great skill and focus.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Boulanger


Ian Watts



Computer science



University of Alberta


Globalink Research Award

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