Aurora Lighting

The proposed project contributes to the development of a product for use in public spaces to provide LED lighting which is made interactive through sound responsiveness. This sound responsiveness is made possible through the use of modern micro-computers which can be programmed to use sounds in the environment to create different lighting effects. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task if the environments are noisy. It’s a lot like trying to have a conversation during a loud party; a lot of information gets lost. This project is motivated by the desire to make the sound responsiveness more effective in noisy environment through the use of automatic sound analysis techniques. There are many techniques which have been created to help account for noise but none have been used for this specific reason. These different techniques will be investigated to see which can help sound responsive lighting in a noisy space. The partner organization is relatively young and this product will be their first to market. Through the funds made available through MITACS the partner organization will have more resources to ensure the success of this product. Furthermore, the technologies developed with this research will be integrated in future products.

Faculty Supervisor:

George Tzanetakis


Steven Bjornson


Limbic Media Corporation


Computer science


Media and communications


University of Victoria



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