Automated Monitoring and Orchestration of Cloud Native IMS VNFs.

By virtualizing all the various appliances in the network, Virtual Network Functions (VNF) became a key enabler for the coming 5G infrastructure and nowadays a major shift is under way bringing an evolution to cloud-native VNF. In the latter operational model, applications are decomposed into microservices running inside containers to enable automated installation, configuration and scaling with the dynamic network requirements beside self-healing and automated upgrading and updating of the VNFs. For efficient management of VNFs, reliable monitoring and advanced orchestration, powered by machine learning, are needed. This project aims to innovate methods and tools that will enable efficient monitoring and orchestration of Cloud Native IMS VNFs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chamseddine Talhi;Azzam Mourad


Rasel Chowdhury;Sawsan Abdul Rahman


Ericsson Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries


École de technologie supérieure



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