Automated Risk Identification in Modular and Offsite Construction

Modular and offsite construction, where a module of project or complete house is manufactured in a factory, requires a large upfront capital (working capital) investment in order to procure materials in advance of manufacturing and to deliver modules on time and on schedule. Thus, modular fabricators need to receive deposit and progress payment before the assembly process. In the eyes of a bank, a prefab house is “just materials”. It is not a house until it is finished and progress payments are only due when the building delivered onsite indicating the difference between the associated risk factors in modular construction and conventional type of construction. The objective of this research is to develop an automated electronic checklist of items that are likely to give rise to risk on modular and offsite construction, as a risk is identified can be quantified, controlled, transferred, or managed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Osama Moselhi


Mohammadjavad Arabpour Roghabadi




Engineering - civil


Finance, insurance and business


Concordia University



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