Automated Visual Inspection, Sentencing & Dressing

Within the aerospace sector, aftermarket services account for over 50% of revenue generated by aero engine manufacturers. Central to this is the ability to inspect and repair high unit cost components. Many processes are manual but given the ever-increasing quality, cost and delivery requirements, and the safety critical nature of these rotating parts, there is a strong drive towards process automation. The objective of this project is therefore to productionise and validate the automation of inspection, sentencing and removal of defects present on service-run components such as gas turbine discs, shafts, blisks and fan blades. Each of the partners are expected to be advantageous to the project because of their reputations preceeding them. For AV&R, the potential for future system deployment is huge through Rolls-Royce sites and joint ventures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Denis Laurendeau


Garrick Cabour


AV&R Vision & Robotics Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Aerospace and defense


École Polytechnique de Montréal



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