Automatic Resizing Framework for Time-Varying Non-Space Filling Visualizations

“We propose the development of an automatic resizing framework for time-varying visualizations. This framework would support easy deployment of visualizations on a multitude of devices with varying display sizes. The second objective of the project is to address issues of data  is interpretation that could arise as a result of visualization resizing through the use of visual cues as well as interaction techniques. The developed resizing algorithms will be instantiated in the form of prototype applications of visualizations such as, dynamic networks and scatter plots. These prototype applications will be evaluated based on not only the memory and time requirements of the resizing operation but also the efficiency of the retargeted visualizations at supporting the user in accomplishing analytical tasks. The resizing framework developed during the course of this project will be available as open source software to prompt further refinement by the research community.”


Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Collins


Hrim Mehta



Computer science



Ontario Tech University


Globalink Research Award

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