Automating Asset Management Solution for Electric Utilities’ Industrial Control Systems: An Integrated Approach

Increasing visibility into asset inventory and gaining situational awareness in industrial control system (ICS) environment are of critical importance for electric utilities to effectively manage cybersecurity risks. In this project, we aim to investigate the solution design for electric utilities to automate asset management in an ICS, addressing the unique challenges such as device heterogeneity and legacy technology. Moreover, we aim to augment this solution by consolidating information from operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to improve situational awareness for electric utilities. By reviewing the substation devices and existing security systems in BC Hydro’s environment, we aim to tailor the solution for BC Hydro that aligns with its cybersecurity and risk management requirements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vincent Wong;Lutz Lampe


Yanan Sun


British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of British Columbia



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