Balancing organic nutrient solution for hydroponics using specific ion monitoring.

Cannafish is a Startup working with hydroponic farmers to include manure and compost in their fertilisation plan. Doing so, they reduce the use of chemical fertilizer in hydroponics while valorizing organic residual matter. However, to replace chemical with organic fertilizers requires good practice and precision to achieve competitive yield. Hence, using a specific ion monitoring strategy in organic hydroponics can allow the preparation of a nutrient solution that is rich in nutrients and optimal for hydroponic plant growth. During the production of plants, the concentration of nutrients in the hydroponic nutrient solution changes. The use of an automatic balancing strategy using ion monitoring will be tested to keep the nutrient content in the solution optimal, which can increase yields of crops in organic hydroponics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Lefsrud


David Leroux;David Leroux


Cannafish Corporation


Engineering - other




McGill University



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