Battery Management System for Lithium Polymer and Solid-State Batteries

Energy storage systems (ESS) are vital components in the power grid to ensure the reliable performance of the power grid integrated a considerable amount of renewable energy resources (DER). ESSs are employed to compensate for the unexpected changes in DERs and shift load during peak hours. ESSs are complex structures consisting of several series and parallel connected battery cells. Battery cells may have different characteristics due to the ambient temperature and aging differences. As a result, the operation limits of each battery cell vary. A battery management system (BMS) is responsible for assuring the safe operation of the battery cells in different operating conditions. The design of the battery management system is required to accommodate various types of cell chemistries. In this project, we develop an efficient and accurate battery management system for state-of-art battery chemistries, such as Solid-State batteries, to facilitate the adaptation of different battery cell chemistries in ESSs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benoit Boulet


Asal Zabetian-Hosseini




Engineering - computer / electrical




McGill University



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