Behavioural finance profiling for financial advisors and clients

The purpose of this study is to develop a structural model that enhance the effectiveness of the financial advisory services. The primary value proposition Betterworth wants to demonstrate to the financial institution is how the betterworth platform will make financial advisors’ more efficient, enabling them to attend to more clients, cut their operational costs, target better solutions, enhance retention and sell additional products/services – ie. boost and extend the CLV (customer lifetime value). The platform will be leveraging financial and nonfinancial data inputs to recommend product/services that the client needs and provide the most appropriate financial advice to the client in a motivating and engaging style they will appreciate and respond to. Thereby increasing the probability of acting or executing on the provided recommendations. We anticipate long and engaged sales cycles where we work collaboratively with institutions. We believe there is a significant market opportunity with our product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tao Chen


Sining Wang






Information and cultural industries




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