Benzodiazepine and Opioids Use in Alberta

Opioids have received much attention in the media, public and government because of the risks associated with them, including fatalities. Concurrent use of BZRAs (benzodiazepines used for treating anxiety and insomnia) and opioids is of particular concern because this is a recognized risk factor for fatal opioid overdoses. Despite this warning, concurrent use is still occurring. An outcome study using Alberta data on concurrent use has not been published in the literature. The outcomes will be used by the partner organization, OKAKI, to further enhance knowledge and tools supporting prescription drug monitoring, and to inform the professional regulatory activities of its customers, including the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta and Alberta’s Triplicate Prescription Program, to improve safe prescribing in Alberta.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dean Eurich


Vishal Sharma




Epidemiology / Public health and policy



University of Alberta



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