Best Practices in Business Education

This project will focus on experiential education and how it can be used to enhance the learning processes at Blyth Education. As an introduction to the subject, the report will explore current literature surrounding the topics of ‘Experiential Education’ and ‘Business Education’. The project will then turn its focus to Blyth Education, and identify the various experiential teaching tools it uses in its programs. Particular attention will be paid to the ‘International Business’ trip and the novel approaches it will be using for the first time. From this analysis, it is expected that valuable insight will be gained into what works, what doesn’t, why, and how much. This evaluation or ‘scorecard’ will be the first of two significant deliverables this project aims to produce. The second deliverable will be the recommendation of an additional set of experiential education techniques to be used in future programs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Ries


Michael Stern


Blyth Education






University of British Columbia



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