Beyond the Science of Body Sugaring: Development and Study of Ingrown Hair Treatments

The removal of unwanted body hair by body sugaring is an ancient method commonly used in the middle east, and it is fast becoming the method of choice in North America. When not done properly, the removal of unwanted hair can lead to injuries to the skin and can cause ingrown hairs, also known as razor bumps. Most products available for the treatment of ingrown hairs are often saturated with alcohol, and harsh chemicals that strip the skin of natural oils, often causing burns, irritation, and lacerations. Given the success of our previous Mitacs program, where a sugaring paste for professional practitioners was developed, in this new proposal, the development of a sugaring paste for retail distribution is being pursued. In addition, the development of an ingrown hair product, as well as micellar cleansing water and sugar based exfoliants will also be studied. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Kerr


Joanne Curiel Tejeda


Sugar and Company Inc








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