BFE Heat Pump Analysis

A Binary Fluid Ejector (BFE) refrigeration system is a scalable, energy efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly refrigeration system that converts thermal energy directly into cooling. The intern will be performing feasibility studies of potential practical applications for the BFE system based on the different climate zones in North America. To achieve this, he will perform some more refined analyses of the ejector system first and then use the result of these analyses to perform calculation to estimate which parameters need to be adjusted in order to become a feasible alternative to conventional furnaces and air conditioners and be attractive to potential business clients. To analyse this feasibility, the intern will perform market research and connect to external stakeholders to define requirements and limitations for the product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael S. Kallos


Jochen Fahr


May-Ruben Technologies


Engineering - petrochemical


Oil and gas


University of Calgary



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